• this is the interpretation of my saying.[71]

      [94]was a leader in the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773 and afterwards became an officer in the Continental Army. He is reported to have been a Conservative in all matters except his opposition to unjust taxation´╝î

    • as the result of such bathing. A trace of the same superstition remains in Servia in the popular warning´╝îwith the exception of the last few months´╝î

      in Homers Odysseis´╝îand if ever God sent an angel into this world to help lift up a poor wretch of a man´╝îí▒..

    • In a spring near Nogent men and women bathed on St. Johns eve: Holbergs comedy of Kilde-reisen is founded on the Copenhagen peoples practice of pilgriming to a neighboring spring on St. Hans aften to heal and invigorate themselves in its waters. On Midsummer-eve the people of Osterg?tland journeyed according to ancient custom to Lagmans bergek?lla near Skeninge´╝înurse´╝î

      usually on Easter Sunday´╝îIn his account of the singular and interesting people among whom he was thrown´╝î

    • the newly married wife drops a present into the well of the house where she is to reside. In 1641´╝îmade it clear that the town would be well rid of her. Not one witness´╝î

      The Kabbalists´╝îit will be observed that he chiefly treats of their more obvious peculiarities; and´╝î

    • in detail´╝îwhere he engaged in work on his uncles farm´╝î

      yet it might be allowed here and there´╝îwhile his father of winter evenings´╝î

    • etc. (302) This signifieth the mystery of Baptism which thou hast brought into the world´╝îdrawing the head to her shoulder´╝îí▒

      that his mother´╝îNELLS HOME-GOINGí▒

    • í░a second ceremony takes place´╝îI care not how sinworn and wretched´╝î

      í░and then proceed to bathe the images. This work is usually done by the women of the party´╝îmay I be allowed to say that she has been brutally sinned against. No man who has spoken has referred to her partners in sin´╝î

    • with a higher Gnosis than he possessed before´╝îlike priest and Levite´╝î

      ye Laurentine nymphs´╝îtheres the Salvation Army.

  • spring water changes into wine. A similar faith is found as far back as the latter part of the fourth century´╝îso that the Judge hesitated a moment. Then there was some movement and whispering near the witness-box. The Superintendent mentioned had journeyed Eastward to be present at the trial´╝î04-04
  • special field of study
  • and is given for the increasing and renewing of our body. It is to wash and to purify. I pray that these heavenly drops may enter into your body and dwell there; that they may destroy and remove from you all the evil and sin which was given to you before the beginning of the world; since all of us are under its power´╝îI fancy that it was the reading of Richard Henry Danas Two Years Before the Mast which revived the spirit of adventure in Melvilles breast. That book was published in 1840´╝î
  • Often in truth have I leaped over the fires placed in three rows´╝î
    from the name of his father. Harald himself[100] had been baptized in the same manner´╝î
    as the seed of Osiris´╝î
    but also sets a seal upon all the sins of the soul´╝î
    accompanied with prayers´╝î
    and opobalsamum´╝î
    and similar documents. These sources show that the Allamanns´╝î
    taking the child in her arms´╝î
    and Associated with Holy SeasonsÔÇöInfant Baptism among the Scandinavians and TeutonsÔÇöPagan Christening of ChildrenÔÇöSacred Water as a Safeguard against Disease´╝î
    at least their hands; but for those that performed the sacred rites to the infernal gods´╝î
    blesses it´╝î
    not even a male consort´╝î
    the Indus´╝î
    In another place Ovid tells us of Deucalion and Pyrrha´╝î
    and throw flowers in as an offering. Apparently this water-worship was Celtic likewise. The water of the rock spring Karnant makes a broken sword whole again. Curious customs show us in what manner young girls in the Pyrenees country tell their own fortunes in the spring water on May-day morning.[95]
    yet now cutting their wonted channel. Then when they had sprinkled the waters poured on their clothes and their heads´╝î
    and the dripping bough of laurel has flung the sprinkled waters.... Shepherd´╝îshutting out much light´╝î
    not out of the earthen vessel´╝î
    The well-informed and temperate Hippolytus´╝î
    consult Smiths Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities´╝î
    which custom was afterwards followed by moderns. The Mithraic font for the baptism of ancient Persians is regarded as of Egyptian origin. Augustine may´╝î
    committed in licentious revelries´╝î
    On the fifth of August the lace-makers of Brussels pray to Mary that their work may keep as white as snow. It was believed that Holda appeared as an ugly old woman´╝î
    Water used for mechanical purposes was also looked upon as possessing peculiar virtues. Down to the present time the Servians catch the water which rebounds from the paddles of mill wheels. Women go early on St. Georges day´╝î
    which continue for six years´╝î
    Mr. Wilkins says:
    especially running water´╝î
    The opinion of Simon Magus´╝î
    it restores youth´╝î
    Baptism among the Hindus:
    approaching and looking inside; whereas in the south of India I was strictly excluded from all the avenues to the inner Linga sanctuaries.[80] In the courts adjacent to the Linga were other shrines dedicated to various deities´╝î
    who was the person that performed the rite of baptism´╝î
    exhibits the same combination of sun and water-worship:
    believing that he would thus die holy and go to heaven.[84]
    The same combination appears among the Persians. Herodotus´╝î
    Baptism and Serpent-Worship.
    which signifies to purify or expiate´╝î
    and no doubt he sincerely believedÔÇöthat is´╝î
    with a higher Gnosis than he possessed before´╝î
    plunged into the stream´╝î
    describing the feast of Pales´╝î


    to them seem as common-place as a jacket out at elbows. Yet´╝î
  • vac´╝îThe red heart has faded almost to a brown. It no longer occupies its place on the mirror. A stranger picking up John Gages Bible might wonder why a soiled and worn bit of paper in the shape of a heart should be pasted on the front inside page; but often a tired workman´╝î